Registering for the 2020 Cup is a a three-step process:

1) You, the team manager, complete the Team Registration Form. Once you’ve done that, you’re sent a link to the Participant Registration Form.

2) The members of your team complete that form. Once three of them have done so, you’re sent a link to a St. Andrews Online Payment Services page.

3) You use that link to pay the registration fee. Your team’s spot in the Cup isn’t secure until you’ve done this!

The fee for the 2020 Cup is £60, including VAT. Your team is guaranteed at least two matches, with each match lasting at least an hour. (The two most successful teams will play four matches.) In addition, each participant will receive the official 2020 tournament t-shirt. Snacks will be provided throughout the day, but participants will be on their own for meals.


Two £500 bursaries have been set aside to offset the costs of travel, accommodation, meals, and the registration fee.  It will be announced on 1 April which schools have won the bursaries.

There are two processes for applying for a bursary on behalf of your team:

If your team’s participation is contingent on receiving a bursary:
Complete steps 1 and 2 of the registration process.  Apply for a bursary by ticking the appropriate box in the Team Registration Form.  After you hear whether your team has been awarded a bursary you can then decide whether to complete step 3 of the registration process. (Don’t worry, registration places will be held aside for bursary applicants, so you lose nothing by waiting.)

If your team’s participation isn’t contingent on receiving a bursary:
Complete the entire 3-step registration process detailed above, and apply for a bursary during step 1 by ticking the appropriate box in the Team Registration Form.

Eligibility for Bursaries

A school’s eligibility for bursaries is based its need, which is assessed according to the percentage of its pupils that are eligible for free school meals. The lists of eligible schools are as follows:

Northern Ireland

If more than two schools apply for a bursary there will be a two-step process for prioritising applicants: 1) Past bursary winners will be eliminated. 2) Among remaining bursary winners, the two that rank highest on percentage of pupils eligible for free school means will win.