Registration for the 2019 John Stuart Mill Cup is open!

Registration Process:

  1. You, the team manager, complete the team registration form.  Having done that, you’re emailed a link to the participant registration form, which you then circulate to the members of you team.
  2. The members of your team each complete the participation registration form.  Once at least three of them have done so, send an email to to ask for the validation code, which is needed in order to undertake the online registration process.
  3. Using the validation code, you complete the online registration process, including registration fee payment, here. (Note: The online process will register you as a “delegate”.  Don’t worry about the strange wording!)

The Registration Fee

The registration fee for the 2019 Cup is £60 inclusive of VAT.  Here’s what you get for your fee:

1. At least 2 matches for your team, with each match lasting at least an hour.

2. A 2019 John Stuart Mill Cup t-shirt for every registered team member.

3. Free snacks for your team throughout the day.


The John Stuart Mill Cup is keen to encourage participation from state schools and schools that historically have had lower-than-average university uptake among their graduates.  Therefore we will be giving out two £500 bursaries to qualifying schools.  The £500 can be used to offset the costs of registration, accommodation, travel and meals.  If more than two schools apply for a bursary the winner will be determined by random drawing among applicants that did not receive a bursary in 2018, with results to be communicated in the weeks before the tournament.

How to Apply

  • The team registration form will ask you whether you’re applying for a bursary and whether your team’s participation is contingent on its receiving a bursary.  (If your team’s participation is contingent in this way, don’t worry: we are holding spaces aside for such schools, so you won’t miss out on the opportunity to participate.  Just complete the first two steps of the registration process (explained above) and then wait on the third step until the results of the random drawing have been communicated to you.)