Match Format – Essentials

  1. Each match begins with a coin toss, either with a physical coin or the use of a coin flip application by the moderator. The team that wins the coin toss may elect to present first (designating them as Team A) or to have the other team present first (in which case the team winning the toss is designated as Team B).
  2. In the first half of the match, copies of the first case and accompanying questions will be distributed to the judges first and then the participants, Team A and Team B. Neither the judges nor team members will know which case will be presented. The moderator will distribute copies of the cases and questions face down so that no one sees the case before the moderator reads the case questions.
  3. The moderator will announce the case by its title and read the questions. The moderator should read only the case title and the question, not the entire case.
  4. Team A has two minutes to confer. Either team may take notes, but Team B must remain silent.
  5. Team A has up to six minutes to make its presentation. Any member(s) of the team can talk.
  6. Team B has one minute to confer (Team A is silent).
  7. Team B has up to 3 minutes to comment on the presentation. Any member(s) may comment.
  8. Team A has one minute to confer (Team B is silent).
  9. Team A has three minutes to respond to Team B. Any member(s) may respond.
  10. Judges have 30 second to confer if they would like, and then ask questions of Team A. The dialogue will last for up to 10 minutes. Judges’ questions should be brief and clear, and devoid of personal commentary.
  11. Judges score Team A’s Presentation, Response to Commentary and Response to Judges’ Questions, and Team B’s Commentary.
  12. In the second half of the match, steps (2) through (11) are repeated with a new case and question, and with teams reversing positions (Team A becomes Team B).
  13. At the end of the match, the moderator will ask the judges to announce their scores and votes. After all the judges state their votes, the moderator will name the winning team (or announce a tie) and the number of judges’ votes for that team.