Tournament Schedule – Full Details


11:00-11:30—Outdoor area in front of Schools 2&3 (In case of rain: Indoor area between Schools 2&3)

Welcome & Tournament Draw

11:30-11:50—School 5

Group Photo


Group Stage

Group Yellow
Round 1—12:00—School 2 Round 2—13:30—School 3 Round 3—15:00—School 1
Team Y1 vs Team Y2 Team Y1 vs Team Y3 Team Y2 vs Team Y3
Team Y3 bye Team Y2 bye Team Y1 bye


Group Green
Round 1—12:00—School 3 Round 2—13:30—School 1 Round 3—15:00—School 6
Team G1 vs Team G2 Team G1 vs Team G3 Team G2 vs Team G3
Team G3 bye Team G2 bye Team G1 bye


Group Blue
Round 1—12:00—School 1 Round 2—13:30—School 6 Round 3—15:00—School 2
Team B1 vs Team B2 Team B1 vs Team B3 Team B2 vs Team B3
Team B3 bye Team B2 bye Team B1 bye


Group Orange
Round 1—12:00—School 6 Round 2—13:30—School 2 Round 3—15:00—School 3
Team O1 vs Team O2 Team O1 vs Team O3 Team O2 vs Team O3
Team O3 bye Team O2 bye Team O1 bye


Knockout Stage

Semi-Final 1

16:30—School 2

[top-performing group winner] v [bottom-performing group winner]  

Semi-Final 2

16:30—School 3 

[second-best-performing group winner] v [third-best-performing group winner]

Championship Match

18:00—School 3

Semi-Final 1 Winner v Semi-Final 2 Winner